New Relic Integration

You can have your test results pushed to New Relic: your test results will appear in the New Relic dashboard.

Note that New Relic restricts the data transfer rate to one update per minute, so the New Relic dashboard view will not update as quickly as the web interface.

Configuring the integration

Click on your account name on the top-right, and then click "Integrations":

Choose the New Relic tab and paste in your New Relic  license key:

Viewing data in New Relic

Once you have saved your New Relic license key in the integration page, will automatically send data to New Relic whenever you run a test. After you run a test with the integration enabled, the icon should appear in the plugins view of your New Relic interface:

Summary view

The summary view appears when you click on the logo in New Relic left-hand pane. It will contain a list of the tests that you have run, with some summary statistics.

Click on a test name to get the dashboard view.

Dashboard view

The New Relic dashboard appears when you click on the name of one of the tests.